I was born in Michigan, and 30 years later moved to Tennessee where I met the Lord. I came as a pure bred heathen, living in the Bible belt without any religious background other than occasionally “sampling” the big three (Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity), which made my rather dramatic Holy Spirit experience even more eventful. I dove into my newfound faith quite vigorously, perhaps trying to make up for lost time, and with a sincere desire to learn all I could. A few weeks into the journey my wife Shoni and I were standing in a throng of worshiping believers when the phrase “God in three persons, blessed Trinity” was sung. “Ok, hold it right there. What’s this, God is three thing?” The common response was: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Trinity, and it’s a mystery.

Fortunately, at Lifechangers unpacking these Kingdom mysteries has been a calling from the Lord that has been taken on with alacrity and fervor. Over these recent years we have found that discovering the mystery of the Trinity and the self sacrificial nature of the Three has been a wonderful guide for us on our journey as we have sought to understand and function as recipients of an Agape conversion. Recently I saw a very valuable perspective on this from Paul Young, author of The Shack. It appeared in Richard Rohr’s monthly publication The Mendicant. If we can extract ourselves from the contention surrounding the book and focus on this statement, it likely would help us gain additional understanding. Young says, “If God had ever been alone, there would be neither a basis in the universe for love nor a framework for relationship. Love is other—centered and self-giving, so if there was no “other” in the beginning and God was alone, then God would not be Love; merciful, perhaps, but not Love.”

I’ve come to see that God coming to us as three persons is not a “mystery” but a phenomenon. Knowing relational complexity begs the question, “Why did He come as three and not maybe two?” Sure would have been easier. I think the answer is, as with everything else, He did it that way for us.

It continues to be a joy and a pleasure to make this journey on the Agape Road with you.

Steve Smith, Board Member

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