Eric was thrilled to baptize a number of our medical team members on returning to Father’s House after our clinics in Northern Uganda. One of the themes Eric shared with the team in our devotional times was on the “Gene” message.

During one afternoon, some of the young people drew Eric aside and quizzed him on this subject. Jonathan (center) was hungry to understand how he was “de-gened and needed some re-geneing!” This was the first time such a clear message had come to him! Realizing his need to be re-gened, due to the degenerate nature he had inherited through his parents, and ultimately from the false-father, Jonathan knew immediately he must be baptized and recommit his life to this process of re-generation into the image and DNA of God, His true Father.

Eric was delighted to visit with him recently in Tennessee, and he shared this awakening has prompted many changes in his life. Jonathan has since been accepted to Nursing school and it was awesome to introduce him to our daughter, Stephanie and our son-in-law, Coty Cooper who live in the same town!


Jonathan (center) was hungry to understand how he was “de-gened and needed some re-geneing”!
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