Retreat – Cape Town @ Soil for Life
Nov 3 – Nov 4 all-day

Something incredible is happening. We are experiencing an awakening amongst those who are “Kingdom Minded” that goes far beyond God’s provision to “me” as an individual. Instead, we are witnessing a displacement of “self” with Christ who alone represents “Man as God Intended”. Join our Cape Town Retreat to lay-hold-of that vital purpose for which you were created before the beginning of this world…

  • Dress Code: Come as you are
  • Refreshments: Coffee & tea will be provided throughout the day.
  • Lunch: Please bring your own picnic basket with something nice to eat* & drink or visit one of the great restaurants close by. We will make some recommendations prior to our lunch break.
    * Please note no meat allowed on the premises.
  • Stationery: Please bring a notebook and something to write with
  • Cost: Free of charge
Learning Center – Cookeville, TN @ Peachtree Learning Center
Mar 4 – Mar 6 all-day

If you can possibly be present in Cookeville, below are some of the topics we will engage.

  1. Clarification as to why we should, of necessity, see Christ’s redemptive act as also being applied to Christ’s calling me out of myself and my own world, into a governmental reality that He has identified as the Kingdom of God. Saving me from myself is a philosophic and biblical understanding that urgently demands attention.
  2. Why we need to understand more perfectly, the concepts of arche and spiritual warfare that is not “with flesh and blood.” You can examine Eph. 6:23-24 to see that the end of all warfare is to “love Christ with an incorruptible agape.” Such implies some form of philosophic adjustment in our thinking, a serious change in the manner in which we are approaching both Christ and the future.
  3. The reasons we present the New Birth as Christ imparting and enabling us to ‘see, hear and feel’ that sphere we identify as ‘pure spirit’. Father seeks for worshippers that know how to “worship Him in spirit and in truth.” We propose the new birth was given so that we could ‘see, hear and obey’ by learning to walk and live in a new dimension of life that has been defined as “righteousness, peace, and joy,” which is a fruit of abiding in a Kingdom reality that has been confused or refused by western Christianity.
  4. We intend to spend a full session on “Christo-Sophia”. The term literally means: ‘the wisdom of Christ’. This signifies the reasons for the New Testament moving us toward “the mind of Christ.” Christ, comes from the Father in order to take us to the Father. He is enabled to ‘take me to the Father’ by reason of the mind of Christ having been made available and imparted at the new birth. Such an insight takes us, with new adventure, into the biblical philosophy of why Father would make the mind of Christ available to us and what may be His intention.
Learning Center – Muncie, IN @ BnF Muncie
Apr 15 @ 6:30 pm – Apr 17 @ 12:00 pm

We invite you to join us in Muncie as Eric Mumford shares on the theme of “God is a God of Justice.”

Retreat – Cape Town @ CCFM Building (Connect Church Muizenberg)
Jun 28 @ 9:30 am – Jun 30 @ 3:30 pm


  • Refreshments: Coffee, tea & light snacks will be provided throughout the day.
  • Stationery: Please bring a notebook and something to write with
  • Cost: Free of charge


Retreat – Burnsville, NC @ Firecreek Mountain
Oct 5 – Oct 9 all-day