Brennan Manning offered a curious blessing that has served as an important reality check over the years: “May all of your expectations be frustrated; may all of your plans be thwarted; may all of your desires be withered into nothingness, that you may experience the powerless and poverty of a child in order that you may sing and dance in the compassion of God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

The shock of this “reversal,” came from a message proclaiming: God is most interested in your health, wealth, and prosperity. Its counterintuitive statements, in familiar Kingdom terminology, has been a help for me for these many years.

As an older believer and accepted elder in the larger body of Christ, I ask you to seek, together with us, a clear and uncompromising path between the twin-forces of religious relativism and fundamentalism that seeks to dilute and distort the authority of Scripture.

Much of the church has succumbed to peer pressure leading the sheep into either a gospel of fear and condemnation or a false confidence in socially-acceptable self-help fallacies. Now, more than ever, a solitary sound and uncompromising voice is needed for the effective proclamation of God’s Kingdom. A Kingdom that is indeed Uncreated, Eternal, and Incorruptible. There are no alternatives or shortcuts!

My letter to you is offered both as a spiritual father and urgent encouragement to each of us not to “allow ourselves to drift” as Hebrews instructs. I, personally, am required to fight the drift! At times, just like you, I am weary, numb and satiated with voices both secular and religious. The temptation is to simply “close up” and withdraw, not wanting to hear anything more, from anyone.

We have not inherited a spirit of fear, but of courage, love and a sound mind. In this confidence, I boldly and personally, ask for your needed participation. We need your time, talent, and treasure in order to change the way God is perceived, known and received in the earth. That all secular and religious dominions will come to an eventual end has never been in question. What is in question is our effective participation in the Kingdom.

The Lifechangers message has been rather tough and that does affect the offering. We have never been given the freedom to demand, expect or hustle the finances. Consequently, many assume our needs have been supplied.

Our journey, to this point in history, has been relational. We have walked together for many years. We have confidence before the Lord in who you are and know that Lifechangers is commendable and worthy of your attention. We are not seeking to salvage the delivery system; but we are asking for your involvement and financial support enabling Lifechangers to continue to seek diligently, the living content of the Kingdom and the means to deliver that content to all who are asking.

Grateful to make this Kingdom journey with you,

Bob Mumford

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