Welcome to 2024! As I watch the accelerating “crazies” in our world it seems the coming months will most likely present us, individually and corporately, with difficult and complex issues. All of us have faced events on the moving sidewalk that required complex decision making. Some choices were effective and others proved to be less than what is needed. Each of us has made decisions that we would very much like to change. We thank the Father for His providential interventions!

We seem to be entering an uncharted wilderness where events will confront us with unanticipated issues. When this happens, we need to be spiritually prepared and equipped to make life-changing decisions successfully. I would like to present five spheres of action that will enable us to see the events, consider our options, and expand our understanding as we make our journey through 2024.

  1. Governing our individual sphere

At times our individual choices and decisions can appear overwhelmingly difficult, costly, and paralyzing. Not sowe do have the freedom to govern ourselves. Paul, when faced with individual choice, says: “My choice is my earnest expectation that I will not be put to shame about anything, but with boldness, Christ will be exalted” (Phil. 1:20). He has put into our hands the primary motive for all personal choices, giving us the wisdom and motivation that cannot be surpassed. Expensive, but accurate!

  1. Governing our participation in the relational sphere

In the relational sphere of life, we become responsible for how our personal choices affect others. Our individual choices must expand and learn to yield, without compromising, what is required for the protection and benefit of others. Romans 12, carefully and helpfully spells this out. Relational choices may present me with demands that require sacrificing my freedom to make the right decision. Cultivate the courage to discern and use wisdom. 

  1. Responding to the cosmic sphere

Today, more than ever in my lifetime, we are grappling with global, all-encompassing issues that seem to be beyond our capacity to sort. Life demands consideration regarding our world view; how we see the future; and how society should or should not function. We must embrace a worldview that includes God the Father’s living temple as His biblical purpose for all humanity. He builds with living stones. If we understand this, it will govern how we choose to see and respond to those in the world. We will move in hope toward the future. Make your choices with great care.

  1. Responding to the realm of chaos

It is inevitable that we will encounter seasons of chaos. This term is biblically accurate (see Romans 1:21-32) and must be seriously considered. When social, economic, financial, and relational “norms” become increasingly unpredictable and unexplainable, decision making becomes critical. Our source of grounding will be healthy relational and cosmic maturity. The body of Christ needs to be relational and functional. We must recognize and embrace the biblical Kingdom mandate—Christ, as Creator, will bring order out of chaos.

  1. Responding in active faith

The body of Christ has often been required to return to the bottom line of an active faith. Active faith is a living, singular devotion to and trust in the person of Christ. Everything else (including some of my dearly held beliefs) fades into inadequacy.

I believe you who are reading this letter will respond in the maturity of an active faith! Jesus warned, “Blessed are those who are not offended at Me” (Matthew 11:6). Our decision is to refuse to be offended by chaos, complexity, and difficulty. With spiritual maturity we will turn to Christ for His wisdom and direction. “I will never leave or forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

It is the hope and prayer for all of us that my year end letter in December 2024, will find us looking back on a year in which Christ was exalted by our decisions. May we serve as ambassadors of Light to a hurting world.

Bob Mumford


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