It was only three days, June 28-30, 2016, but what transpired during Eric’s visit to Muizenberg, will live in the hearts of those that attended the Muizenberg retreat for a lifetime. Working closely with Connect Church, Lifechangers hosted a group of approximately 20 people from various churches and backgrounds throughout the region. Eric taught for nearly 5 hours every day on the theme of “changing the way God is perceived, known and received in the Earth”. For most of those who attended, it was their first encounter with Lifechangers but by the time we parted ways, we said goodbye to friends. Something of the sweet nature of our Lord was made tangible to everyone in a “generous Agape transfusion” of Spirit to spirit.

The impact is hard to express in words. One way to describe it would be to say that we all saw the Kingdom of God unfold in our midst in a way no one could have imagined! Our Muizenberg retreat was also the first time we used technology to video conference with Bob all the way from the Raleigh, USA to the Southern tip of Africa. This turned out to be incredibly effective, so much so that we hope to schedule a virtual teaching session whilst Eric is in the USA during the month of July 2016. The virtual devotion will be hosted at Riaan and Louise van der Westhuizen’s home and scheduled in such a way that it is easy for folks to attend and continue this incredible emigrant journey into the Kingdom of God.


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