When I sat down to write this letter, I asked myself a question to which I knew I did not know the proper answer: “What do you want from these beautiful people?” I could honestly answer, “ I do not want what they have; I actually want them, their very selves.” Surprised by own admission.

In some natural way, there followed this impression: What we seek to do is transform every hearer. What we seek is for each of you to be and become a steward embracing the Kingdom principles that are presented. All of us are beginning to understand how valuable these principles are and are enjoying the process of becoming authentic stewards capable of “Keeping yourselves in the Agape of God” (Jude 21).
A rented car is treated differently than the one I love and own. The equipment in the factory where I work is treated more carefully and maintained with greater diligence by the owner than by an employee, whose vision is limited to the next pay check.

Recently, I did a short video entitled: The Third Choice. The entire video is about 7 minutes long. Judith and I watched it when it arrived. Strange to see myself, like a poppa, trying to explain why the Agape Road is so important in our day of religious confusion. May I ask you make sure that you take the time necessary to watch it with intentionality! It impacted both Judith and me.

The sense swept over us that I was expressing my deepest desire. Transformed from being some kind of employee to an authentic steward. When we see the Agape Road for its biblical place and importance, we seem compelled to become a steward and increase our buy in. It happens because the Road or Way has the clear intent of taking us to our Father. The more clear the principle, the greater opportunity of our embracing that principle, regardless of the cost. An unqualified embrace of the Kingdom value system measures maturity.

The apostle Peter in 2:7 and 17 (NASB) uses the phrase: unprincipled. Persons who are unprincipled are undependable and unpredictable. What ever happens that contributes to their own advantage becomes their choice.

Lifechangers seeks to communicate in such a manner as to enable you to see and own the Kingdom principles that will save your life and, quite possibly, the life of your family. As stewards, we are capable of paying the price necessary to hold principles when they become expensive!

Bob Mumford

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