Last month I wrote about our need for an increased embrace of the unshakable Kingdom “mystery.” I am pressed again to focus on this critical theme. We are entering a global shakeup of immeasurable proportions. How we respond will become increasingly critical for ourselves, our families, and those with whom we have influence both in the Body of Christ and in the world.

            There are urgent, well-intended, but often superficial, prophetic voices flooding the media with “signs of the end.” However, as ambassadors of the Kingdom, however, we must not lose our focus. We cannot simply “hope for the Rapture” and wring our hands about the increasing darkness. The maturity with which we respond, will determine whether we can with courage and conviction stand as salt, light, and yeast in an increasingly desperate and dying culture. Maturity presupposes the ability to help others.

            There are three categories of choices of truth and direction which we will repeatedly face:

  1. A single choice, which all too often can lead to tyranny.
  2. Multiple choices at once, which will lead to confusion and inaction without solutions.
  3. Kingdom choice, which transcends all other options and is ultimately the only workable choice.  

            Jesus came as a light in the darkness presenting a workable third choice against the tyranny of Rome and a religion that had become fruitless, impotent, and inadequate to fulfill the purpose of God. Our third choice is to establish our vision, intentions, and biblical confidence in the unshakable Kingdom. God, as our Father, has provided a supernatural rest. We abide in Him as citizens of the “Invisible Jerusalem” (Heb. 12:22, in The Message), which Abraham sought, whose “builder and maker is God.” This eternal city is our source of governing authority, provision, and safety. In the New Jerusalem, the City of our God, dwells our God-provided workable third choice!

           The Message translation of Heb. 12:26-29, graphically describes the shaking and consuming fire which will come upon all that can be shaken. In chapter 13, the writer then gives us 15+ practical instructions as to how to respond and hold firm when the shaking comes.

            I would like to ask you to take a Bible, preferably The Message, and read the chapter 13 sequence. It follows the shaking and the “Unshakable Kingdom” of chapter 12. The Message translates the familiar with new and fresh ideas, which the writer understood to be the most mature way to prepare for the unexpected.  When embraced each bit of wisdom imparts the ability to impart life and healing. What we own, we can give to others.

            Spend some quiet time in the summary of the entire epistle in 13:20-21. Carefully take these two verses apart; put them in sequence, and own them. Make them part of your personal value system. Allow this kind of spiritual wisdom to guide your decision-making process as you enter new challenges. The Kingdom is guaranteed not to collapse. We will not be left shaken, destitute, or without hope.

            Like Abraham, we are called to speak the blessings of Christ and His Kingdom to “All the families of the earth”. We must dwell in that City whose builder and maker is God. From there we may be able to impart Kingdom reality to those who are hurting.


Bob Mumford


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