LC_Sony_5November 2 & 3

Following up on an earlier visit to South Africa in April 2015, Eric and Mark together with Dr. Cory and Laurel Siffring visited Cape Town and Pretoria for a time of ministry. We watched people’s faces as Eric ministered on “God is Spirit” in a little mountain-side organic farm called “Soil for Life” in Cape Town.

They went from bewildered to astounded to overjoyed in what seemed like just a few hours. Pretty soon, we were simply family gathering around the Lord’s table, talking about things pertaining to life and Trinity Likeness and how a “broken spirit” makes us ready to fuse with the Spirit of the Lord; Spirit into Spirit. Those who came were truly diverse, some in full-time ministry, others committed to social work in gang-dominated communities, business people and believers from all walks of life. Everyone was fed, literally and spiritually and God was Magnified.


November 5-7

IMG_8884-resizedIn Pretoria, Eric ministered at a venue called Inn-Joy, introducing those who came to “God is Justice”. The Lord’s sweet presence led us through the themes of equality, equity and fairness. Eric touched on the law of sin and death, the law of Moses and the law of Life in Christ, our Equalizer.

Because our time was limited, those who wanted more were invited to an impromptu Sunday meeting at the home of Pieter and Petro van Niekerk. Again, we were overjoyed to witness the faithfulness of our Triune God, transforming individuals, families and those in ministry, right before our eyes. Many have contact us asking to be included in future events and expressing their gratitude to Lifechangers for remaining obedient to God’s call.

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