Those who know me best know that I have never sought to lead anyone, anywhere. Beginning this journey myself as a lapsed Christian, my desire was simply to make the journey from Egypt to the Land of Promises successfully. My concern is for the hurting of this world. My responsibility seems to be increasing for each of you.

Society, particularly western society, has in biblical terms broken loose (Exodus 32:25). In Jeremiah 2:31 God’s own children speak to Him: “We are free to roam, we will come no more unto You”.
Allow me to give you a quote, taken from a movie some years ago. It says: “The years teach much which the days never knew.” Spiritual success, it turns out may not be that easy. When society breaks loose, it seems to be powerful enough to take many of the believers with it. Separation of “our soul from our human spirit” is clear enough in Scripture: “dividing asunder soul and spirit” (Heb. 4:12). Mary, mother of our Lord, says it like this: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my (human) spirit rejoices in God my Savior”.

Our soul consisting of will, mind, and emotions seems to have the ability to persuade us into thinking and embracing things that may not be essentially true or pleasing to God as a Father. It is our human spirit that seeks to keep us in contact and relationally engaged. Note the implications of two bible verses: “Father of our (human) spirits” (Heb. 12:9) and its meaning taken from the same chapter, verse 23: “the (human) spirits of just men made perfect or mature.”

Three evidences of society breaking loose that seem to be authentic, historical, and inexorable. All three of these are factually evidenced in Judaism’s departure, Greece’s descent, and Rome’s catastrophic collapse. The three are:

1. Increased corruption; moving from epidemic to pandemic.
2. Sexual lost-ness; male/female loss.
3. Anti-Christian macroclimate increasingly pressing to take center stage.

The soul contains the ability to rationalize, explain, and then discover ways to embrace the way society is now heading. The (human) spirit knows “ain’t nothing wrong; but something is not right.” Knowing the difference between them will prove to be a spiritual reality and skill that we must cultivate!
Here is what happened, as accurately as I am able to communicate my recent experience:

The Lord said: “80/90 percent of the warfare is in the mind”. I want you to shut down everything and everyone in the sphere of the soul. Allow me to show you the difference between soul and spirit.
Returning to my study, I took a blanket and pillow and sat on the floor. I said to the Lord, “I seek to know You as God who rules it all! Father, I do understand, that soul seeks commotion, activity, and plans. I seek to know you in spirit. Will you, Father God, allow my soul to remain quiet and take this opportunity to speak to my human spirit?”

Without effort, I was reminded of the following sequence. It is not new; it is, however, scarcely used or implemented by God’s own:

BE Still: freedom from voices, opinion, noise, prayer.

Know: a form of spiritual impartation; knowing that He is bigger than the issues. This is the ‘knowing’ from John 17:3.

I AM God: strange sense of being in His lap; filled with a spiritual sense that He really is in charge.

It is somewhat embarrassing to tell you what happened next. I fell asleep for maybe 30/40 minutes. I awakened to a supernatural sense of peace that I immediately recognized. It was a peace apart from voices and more scripture—totally apart from any human effort. The Lord, by the Person of the Holy Spirit gave me a spiritual knowing that allows me to see Him, His Kingdom, and Eternal purpose.

God, Who is Spirit, speaks to my spirit, because He is my Father! W should learn, more perfectly, how and why we should cultivate the skill of silence and being able to listen. This may save us in the future in some sense that we are unable to determine at present.

In His Great Love and Care,

Bob and Judith Mumford

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