Picture with me, if you would, Bob Mumford, assuming the role of King Lear in a Shakespearean play! Actually, it nearly happened. Recovering my personal identity from a crash and burn incident, I enrolled in a rather sophisticated university class entitled: Rediscovering our true identity. It was an effective diversion from my pain and proved to be very helpful. I was challenged, enlightened and began to come out of myself.

Four weeks into a six weeks course, this older, rather wise professor asked to see me in his office. His request was, “Would you consider the offer for me and the class to mentor and prepare you to play the role of King Lear?”

Consider with me the mental vision and spiritual insight that followed. I could see the greater Kingdom purpose on the world stage: offering hurting persons a serious role in His unfolding drama. It awakens us to appreciate the Kingdom in a favorable light, identifying our deepest heart desires.

•The Kingdom of God is the primary and solitary theme that is unfolding on the world stage. One that has every element of danger, adventure, challenge and purpose. There simply is nothing more important or captivating.
•The entire play, from Garden to Garden, may be three acts or possibly seven. The producer has not been willing to inform us. Many suggestions have been rumored. None have been proven.
•We do not actually know what act in this play we are presently considering. Part of the confusion is that many persons think they know, when accurate information has not been discovered. All of us are fascinated with the ideas and mystery.
•His offer for us to play a significant role comes to us by our reception of the director and producer, His Name is Jesus Christ. His Job description is most impacting. He is a strong director and a powerful producer. However, He always speaks and directs with a loving and gentle heart.
•Join me, Jesus asks, and I will make you an offer that you cannot refuse. There are significant roles to be filled and life-changing purposes to be fulfilled by those who would be eager and willing giving themselves to being prepared for that role.
•The play is more than worth giving your time and effort. It is now and has always been a huge success. The theme for that play has been made clear. It is nothing less than giving back to the hurting world and all humanity their Heavenly Father which they have lost due to forgetfulness and human failure.
•The director and producer has offered to “make you ready” for the role to which He intends to assign you. He does this by taking you to His Father so that the role you play is existential and authentic. This proves to be deeply satisfying, demanding and rewarding.
•When He has mentored you, it is a transformation that allows His Father to be seen in you. He has arranged for us something akin to what He embraced in His own Journey. When they saw Him, they could see His Father! The producer and director seeks to replicate that mysterious process by conforming us to His Own nature and skill.
•This play begins with a curse. Darkness and corruption, totally unnatural, have entered the world. That curse is due to human failure; it infects all humanity.
•How can God possibly bring this entire story to an authentic conclusion? Mystery and tension fill the theater! Every participant on the stage and in the audience is challenged.
•May I tell you a secret, if you do not tell anyone else? I have read the entire script of this play. The play must include proper resolution. All curses are dealt with. When we arrive at the very end of the play, a victorious proclamation is heard loud and clear: There shall never again be any more curse!
•Oh, yes, there is more than enough mystery and adventure for all of us who sought, embraced, and engaged a role in this eternal play concerning God’s redemptive act accomplished through His Incarnate Son. I promise that you will never be bored. The theme promises never to disappoint or end in shame.
•This Kingdom drama is the most valuable, perfectly written, and most powerfully scripted that has ever been endeavored. It is, according to those who know, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Consequently, His invitation for you to consider accepting the role He is offering should be considered very carefully. There awaits a “hidden Treasure in the field” and a new skill that is identified as “learning to trade our Pearls”. Both yield an intimacy with God as Father for which the human spirit yearns.

The Producer and Director of this Play on the world stage may be, by means of this letter, inviting you, like the professor did to me, into His private office. Perhaps He seeks to present to you a repeated offer for you to accept the role of an Ambassador of Christ’s Kingdom, carrying and proclaiming a message that seeks to bring healing and forgiveness to a hurting and lost humanity.

Bob Mumford

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