C.S. Lewis writes that in the New Testament the art of life itself is an art of imitation or reflection. Indeed the New Testament seems to suggest that all originality in the human personality has been imparted to us in Jesus Christ as the Pattern Son.

Originality is the prerogative of God alone. The duty and joy of every other being is in reflecting like a mirror. Creativity becomes an expression of true Man as God intends. Our whole destiny seems to lie in acquiring a fragrance that is not our own, in becoming clean mirrors filled with the image of the face of Father.

The highest good of a creature must be creaturely good—that is derivative or reflective. St Augustine said, “Pride does not only go before a fall but is, in itself, a fall—a fall of the creature’s attention from what is better, i.e. God, as reflected in His Son, to what is worse, itself” (De Civ. Dei xii, cap. I).

The Mirror Bible makes the observation like this: “His Love leads me into His Sabbath Rest, into the full realization of His finished work…. By the waters of reflection, my soul remembers who I AM” (Psalm 23).

There is beauty and necessity in learning the truth: “If you have seen Me, you have seen the original, who is My Father.” I am encouraged to embrace this idea of reflecting God’s Person as a clean mirror. Effectively implementing this idea is a workable motive toward personal responsibility and faithfulness. What and who is reflected through me to the hurting world seems as serious as it gets.

Our sun represents the original life-giving Son. The moon is symbolic of the Church, reflecting Christ, without corruption or confusion. We allow our hurting world to see and embrace Him who has been given to “have healing in His Wings”!

 Bob Mumford

(With due acknowledgement to Lewis, C. S. The Business of Heaven (p. 267). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.

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