Would you allow me some personal time?  My burden is to introduce you to a very serious theme which seems to be pressing down upon Judith and me. The burden of our concern can be identified as “our most common error”.  

Our journey in the Kingdom has been encouraging us to embrace the supernatural, and the new birth imparts to us this dimension. It’s an invitation to see and enter that supernatural dimension where God dwells. God is Spirit; consequently, the Kingdom is meta-physical. We are invited to join God the Father within His own element, spirit and truth. (John 4:23). We learn to be more comfortable within the supernatural, living in a sphere where we are engaging and enjoying more than we could ask or think!

“Our most common error” then is failing to engage or simply ignore the necessary supernatural dimension. It sounds like this: “My thoughts are not like your thoughts. My ways are not your ways” (Isiah 55:8). Like a lightning bolt, His word struck me: God’s love is not like my love. It is not human love—it is supernatural, eternal, and not to be compared with ordinary human responses.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing we can do to make God love us more or love us less. His love is perfect. Nothing added. Nothing subtracted. When we choose to go another way or choose a different path, He does not love us less. He says: “I AM God and not a man.” God IS Agape. He does not have Agape; Agape is who He IS. His responses are supernatural, serving as the basis for asking our responses to be as well.

When we engage in relational or moral failure, make stupid and expensive choices, He does not shoot His wounded. He loved us “while we were yet sinners” (Romans 5:8). That simply does not change.

Jesus asks the disciples, who discover they are unable to “hear what he is saying,” a simple question: “Do you also want to go away?” There is no threat, no punishment, and no retribution. His Love is supernatural because He is supernatural. He is asking us to replicate His Own responses—to love as He loves! That is more than natural. It is not to be compared or understood to function in the same manner as does our human love.

Judith and I are now facing a challenge, which is analogous to the one you also may be facing:  the strength and capacity to “Love like Father loves”! We are seeking to intentionally transcend “human love” and rise to that which is supernatural. Our families need this! Our nation needs this! Our entire inhabited earth needs to cease making this most common error. We really do need to behave as though we have a Father like the one Jesus presents to us.

In His supernatural Agape,

Bob Mumford

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