Our first communication in this new decade involves the idea of vision: this year we have entered 2020 which speaks of 20/20 or perfect eye sight!

If it were possible to reduce everything contained in this letter into one sentence, it would look like this: to be called to follow Jesus is to follow a Living Mind. A Mind that is not static nor fixed! A Mind knowing where He is going.

The Person of Christ does nothing, says nothing, seeks nothing other than knowing and responding to the Mind of God. He follows a Living Mind – that of His Father.

Our journey of “following” has been designed to take us from a fallen mindset, doing our own thing, to engage and embrace the Mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16). We accomplish Father’s desire and intent by embracing Christ, who enables us to make such a supernatural encounter! Following a Living Mind then requires in some unequivocal manner the idea of being prepared for change.

May I ask for us to stop and think about this one statement? We are entering a decade of increasing degrees of change, faster and more demanding than known in history. All of us need to be more prepared for change. Our spiritual future requires us to be able to successfully engage and interpret the immediate future.

I am, at this very moment, seeking the courage and intentionality to present a simple biblical insight that has demanded change from me. It seemed to sneak upon me almost without notice! It is found in Rev.21:26:  “And they will bring their glory and the honor of the nations into it (The Kingdom of God and of Christ).

Just to consider this as part of God’s Eternal purpose, seems to demand change in the future for which we have not been prepared or enlightened. Will God’s plan to accomplish something more than I have ever understood cause me to stumble or become offended? This seems to unfold in this manner:

  1. Change is here to stay. It cannot be avoided or denied.
  2. All change demands patience and faith. We never did it like this!
  3. Change demands a personal decision: Is what is happening an authentic biblical change or is it some form of compromise or surrender of the Truth to which we have committed?
  4. No one can make this decision with clarity when he is alone. We are simply unable because it is too complex, too demanding.
  5. When we are finally forced to decide for or against change, the uncertainty or deep internal questioning seems to disturb everything we have ever held to be truth.
  6. If we refuse the change, harden, and attempt to “defend the truth,” we are required to re-examine 1 Cor. 10:1-12. It is a most clear description of our inability to make the drastic change being required.
  7. Be patient with me as I make one more biblical statement, one that has put me through the very sequence presented in this letter. We do not want change. Particularly expensive and unexpected change! When I saw nations (used 36x in NT) discovering an authentic Kingdom, one that they understood as being worthy of bringing their national glory into, I was forced to re-examine my past, my present, and all that the future may present.

Summary: Such a happening will require us to prepare ourselves to be re-educated: see, hear, and embrace truth we have never known before. We may experience a major “re-form,” required to follow by faith into God’s Purpose we have not known. We must know a spiritual freedom to engage authentic change. You, personally, cannot do that alone. We, as Lifechangers, cannot do this without you.

Bob Mumford

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