Several years ago, a dear friend approached me at what he felt was the direction of the Lord. He was bearing a gift. When he handed it to me, he said “My opinion is that Father God has asked me to give this watch to you.” Without opening the box, my immediate reply was that I didn’t need a watch. This was a genuine response, not one of false humility or strange self-denial.

 My friend replied, “At least look at it.” He expressed that it was a true gift and that I didn’t even need to keep it, but that he was responding to the Lord in giving it – no strings attached.

With some hesitation, I accepted. When opening the box, to my shock and surprise, I discovered a nearly new Rolex Submariner! This was my dream watch because Judith and I are certified divers.

  A few months into owning this watch, I wore it occasionally, but I never was fully comfortable with it. One morning, hurrying to the gym, I placed my bag on the roof of the car and drove away. Several miles from home, on a busy street, it struck me with great force what I had done. Urgently, I turned around with my heart beating faster!

When I made it back to my gym bag, it had been run over too many times to count. In that bag was my Rolex, totally destroyed. After a few moments of internal conflict and confusion, I recognized I had been inadvertently set free from something I was totally unable to do for myself. My heart and human spirit began to be filled with deep gratitude. I had a Father that cared enough to permit this circumstance. This principle of being “set free” has followed me all the days of my life.

      Follow this thinking for a moment to consider the difference between reacting vs. responding. Our choice is to react and add to the pain and confusion or respond to the eternal purposes of our God. Many countries, churches and moves of God birthed in spirituality, are now drowning in materialism, hidden forms of corruption, and greed. Reversal of these forms of entropy is complex. The solitary, workable solution that remains is a greater insight and comprehension of Christ and His governmental intentionality. If we remember correctly, He did ask us to seek His Kingdom intention as our first priority.

      We are presented with a choice: Do you want Me (Father) to help keep you free and responsive or do you choose to go your own way, embracing subtle materialism and spiritual corruption? Remember, this is determined by His evaluation.

      A common response in our nation that is shocking, but fully biblical sounds like this: “My people love to have it so.” We have been materially blessed, often resulting in spiritual immaturity. We are given our own way, but at the expense of leanness to our soul.

My prayer, and I ask you to accompany me, is “Lord Jesus, continue to correct us materially, until we can hear your Voice and see your purpose. For Christ’s sake and our children, preserve us from persistently choosing our own way.”

We here at Lifechangers would like to emphasize and provide these three things as culture changes:

  1. Identify, speak, and deliver authentic Kingdom
  2. Provide Truth that increases character and responsibility.
  3. Engage and redeem the darkness that appears to be necessary and timed of the Lord, to press us into the uncreated and eternal reality of God the Father.    


Bob Mumford

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