Allow a bit of humor to introduce an important theme, which I would identify as mental and emotional strongholds. This concept carries potency to hold us imprisoned with bars stronger than iron.

            Judith my wife asked if I would fix the Kleenex box so that the next tissue would be available. Knowing that I am not very mechanical, I proceeded to try to find and repair that little spring that causes the next Kleenex to pop up. Rather embarrassed, I expressed my failure to my wife. Judith looked at me strangely.

            Your response, like mine, is incredulity. What I am seeking to bring to the surface is the strength of a particular human weakness, presuppositions. The definition of a presupposition of this type can be defined as what we know for sure to be true, that may not, in fact, be accurate or workable.

            The disciples had years of discipling, with personal, intimate relationships. They experienced situations where Jesus was revealed as the Cosmic Christ. Yet, after repeated encounters with Him, He was powerless to penetrate a religious presupposition the disciples seemed to embrace. They believed Israel as a nation was to be established as the ‘chosen’ head of the nations. Jesus, as a Jewish Messiah, was going to break the power of Rome and restore the nation of Israel with literal, gold-covered thrones, me on the right and you on the left!

            The stunning part of all of this is they were with Him on the Mount of Transfiguration. They heard Him, after His resurrection, say: “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.” Listen, carefully to their question: “Lord, will you, at this time, restore the Kingdom again to Israel?”  

            We now know that the entire book of Acts unfolded for them to discover a spiritual Kingdom, open to every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. It required the Holy Spirit coming as the Promise of the Father. It took the three sheets from heaven and the command to eat what was forbidden to begin to penetrate the strength of the pre-supposition!

            This is frightening. As it all came together, it seemed to strip my gears. How do we, each one, respond to this? Maybe there is in Kingdom Mystery more than we have seen? Do we need to question some of doctrines, theories and ideas of the future that are now outdated and out-moded? 

            Perhaps there is such a thing as doctrine changing as we embrace and mature in relationships. Or perhaps the present pressures and all that is forming in the nations are intended to penetrate our own pre-suppositions.

            Will our failure to ‘find the little spring’ cause us to refuse, revolt or become offended, because God did not do what I was told to expect? We need to gain the courage to say to the Lord: Please do not leave me to myself. Do what is needed to set me free from my mental and emotional prisons. Truth, Truth, You know that I love You!


Bob Mumford

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