“What if certain were faithless? Shall their faithlessness make all of the faithfulness of God to be useless?”. Rom. 3:3

The Lord Jesus does not insist on our being successful. He does, however, require faithfulness. The nature of the present amount of change, corruption and confusion happening in our day seems to be creating an additional set of circumstances that will challenge our faith. It is, without doubt, quite alarming.

Faithfulness, as stated above, is repeated in Gal. 5:22 as a ‘fruit of the Spirit’ which we are expected to cultivate and demonstrate. Fruit, as we now know is not a gifting; fruit is grown by circumstance and a mature, proper Agape daily response.

Our faithfulness to you seeks to be seen and known by the two particular admonitions we are now presenting. Both of these seem to have materialized from my inner person as some kind of fatherly love and concern. We encourage you to hear and absorb preparation from God as a Father, who knows the “End” (Greek: Omega, last letter in the alphabet) from the “Alpha” (Greek: first letter in the alphabet). Abiding, in faithfulness, requires that we have learned to hold steady in crisis. The two insights or biblical admonitions that are here presented are designed to assure you that this is, indeed, who we are and where we stand. Consider both of them carefully:

1. Science has now seriously invaded the sphere of spirituality and all that we hold as Kingdom truth. It is not possible, nor am I capable of saying all that needs to be said. We are about to be thrust into elements of scientific understanding that will challenge our faith and alter our understanding of Scripture. There is not, nor can there be any serious, unresolved conflict between True Science and Authentic Kingdom Reality, because both are sourced in God the Father. Understanding this will demand unexpected and unprecedented change and adjustment from all of us. The next ten years will alter our comprehension of almost everything we thought would never change. Science will not change Scripture. It will, however, change us and how we interpret and understand that which the Eternal Word of God speaks. Listen, as Jesus says: “I have given them the words that You have given me”! (John 17:8)

2. What do we need to do to get prepared? The danger we face is “hidden in plain sight.” It is called cognitive bias. Simply stated, it sounds like this: I only listen to those who tell me what I already believe. The illusion consists of a certain kind of deception that wants what it wants so badly that we believe that it is so. True science will present, knowingly or unknowingly, a Kingdom Reality, the implications of which we must be able to see and embrace!

An authentic and workable answer seems to lay in an illustration recently provided. An Auca Indian from the Amazon River basin was invited to America. Arriving in the USA, he was impacted with all that he saw and experienced. What was incredible to him and his other tribe members was the fact, in his words, “the path itself was moving.” This was reference to the moving sidewalk in the airport, taking him from the plane exit to immigration. He could not fathom how the path itself could move him toward his chosen destination.

We, too, are on a moving pathway. It is called being conformed to the Image of Christ. It is Life, as it presents itself to us every day. The events of life, as we move toward an incarnational experience purposed by the Lord Jesus. He speaks of the necessity of His using “All Things” as being necessary to conform us to His Own Image. When we begin to apply this as a workable Life Principle, we are enabled to see how the Lord intends to bring transformation and change to each of us. He is faithful to prepare us, if we are faithful to respond to Him.

The New Birth places us on a moving pathway. On that pathway, all things, which consist of uncontrollable and unexpected events that include unanswered prayer; unfulfilled prophetic utterance; premature death; financial loss, etc. as well as new spiritual encounters, victories in physical healing, minor and more major supernatural intervention. We must allow each of these actual events to challenge and adjust. To cause us to ask hard questions in order to be prepared to see and respond differently. We are being required to cease excessive ‘religious language’ and begin to speak English! In one clear statement: Transformation of the believer into authentic Kingdom reality. God, Himself, is that solitary Reality. Christ, being the True incarnational representation of that Reality.

God, as a Father is seeking to disrupt our religious presuppositions, our closely held beliefs that are not based in Kingdom reality. His love for us, allows as much and as many occasions of our being forgiven as we could possibly need, while we are on the moving pathway, taking us to Father’s chosen destination, i.e., conformed to the Image of His very own Son. This is the scriptural admonition that puts the fear of God into me:
For the heart of this people has become dull, and with their ears they scarcely hear, and they have closed their eyes; otherwise they might see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts and return, and I would heal them. Matthew 13:15

The strength of confirmation bias, i.e., tell me what I want to hear does not yield easily. It is a journey, on the moving pathway, that confronts us with ugly and not so desirable Kingdom reality. Remember when we were saying “Truth is almost always negative in its first appearance?”

We here at Lifechangers think we see something of what is preparing for us to face, embrace and then transcend. We sincerely want to ‘Be There’ for each of you and you for us. Ask the Lord to ‘restore our child-likeness’ in wonder, eagerness and adventure.

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