There are a very few things that are entirely certain in this world. One of them is Jesus Christ taught us to pray to God as our Father.” He taught us that Father was desiring, even seeking our Love. (John 4:24)

Recently, I was spontaneously impacted by this biblical principle: “What is man that You are mindful of him, or the son of man that You graciously and helpfully care for and visit and look after him? (Psalm 8:4).

I was overwhelmed with deep, personal gratitude. The idea that God, the Father of all Creation, was saying “He is mindful of us” leaped off of the page. It was not something personal that I was seeking to own, rather a principle that we need to understand and embrace.

  1. Allow me to repeat the emphasis: God, as a FATHER, says: I have you in my Mind!
  2. Sweeping over my person was my own response: I need to keep You in my Mind!

The joy and realization of just how perfectly relational this was served to impart the realization and necessity of how badly we need a concerned Father, both natural and spiritual, who is active and willing to “visit and look after us.”

God’s love and care can never be imposed or be forced. The nature of Agape cannot be pushed or shoved. That means we are encouraged to request His care. We invite Him and the Person of the Holy Spirit with a receptive heart and mind. We welcome is a climate of peace.

This prayer that emerged from deep within me: Father God, I am so grateful for your Presence and care. May I express my desire and openness to receive your instruction, encouragement, and even your correction! We issue Him an authentic invitation.

The teacher in me proceeded to examine the Greek word, Strong’s #3403 – to remind. It is used some 23 times in the NT. The definition itself also proved to be delightful: to be remembered, in remembrance.

The root word expresses our English word for memory! In Jeremiah, the Lord says: “My people have forgotten Me”.  Our remembering allows us to experience His Fatherly provision and protection. All of the other 22 uses were also encouraging to my human spirit. It was, officially, God visiting to encourage. He does care and protect.

The verse on God’s mindfulness is addressed to the Son of Man. It signifies humanity in weakness. Father chooses weakness in order to impart His strength as a way to make us strong. When we delineate humanity in its weakness, it looks like this:

  1. Poor in spirit: open and receptive in contrast to full and closed
  2. Marginalized: pressed out of shape and desperate
  3. Little ones: child-like innocence; refusing cynicism
  4. Physically and emotionally: needing Him as fresh supply

Summary: May I request that you also pray this prayer with me. We are now able to do so with courage and fresh insight. Father, I am grateful for your promise to ‘visit me; care and look after me. Now, I respond to you with this personal commitment: I will seek to be more mature and alert to acknowledge and discern Your visits; be more intentional to observe your acts of care.


Bob Mumford

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