Recently, Judith Mumford shared a poem with us that she had written on the gift of time. It has been meaningful to us as we pondered her words in the last couple of months. We invite you to read through this multiple times and join us in receiving the gift and beauty of these words!

TIME – A PRECIOUS GIFT by Judith Mumford, Sept. 2017

With the passage of time, life’s pattern begins to rhyme,
Chaotic turbulence comes without measure, but then the missing pieces fit together.
Transforming Love brings harmony, Christ incarnate sets us free.
Father’s highest will in each dimension, revealed as His “Ultimate Intention!”

Resting in Lord God, all fears release, filling our soul with perfect peace.
Life’s tapestry is intricately woven, by what Holy Providence has chosen.
Everlasting Kindness and Love, Mercy Himself draws us from heaven above,
Holy Three Eternals, dwelling in romance, invite us into Life’s “Divine Dance!”

God is LOVE, He re-gened us for transcendence. Christ holds us in “Redemptive Innocence.”
Growing in Eternal Grace through years of time, “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.”
We are called to mirror Jesus’ Light-Love, until all humanity awakens to Almighty Three above.
Father’s “Big Family Dream” is His full heart intention; the infinite ages, His Kingdom dimension.

Lifechangers’ Staff

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