My heart and soul seem to want to find expression in this letter, due to the manner in which life itself seems to be unfolding. Effective communication has become increasingly difficult. In my opinion, this difficulty seems to be increasingly due to the sheer amount of information, voices, emails, and urgency.

Through the night, preparing to write to you, I was repeatedly and strongly impressed by these words: “Spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see”. Of the many biblical references to seeing and hearing, this one stood out: “Let the person who has ears listen to what the Spirit says” (Rev. 3:22).

When I read that admonition, the Lord reminded me that I had not taken the occasion to speak to each of you an important lesson that He had been writing on my own heart and mind. The lesson goes like this: There are two forms of noise, not one. First there is white noise, which is essentially more religion, media voices, blogs, videos telling us what to do and how to act. Secondly, there is dark noise, which is understood as violence, treachery, extreme sexuality, and relational betrayal.

Here is my suggestion: Consider understanding BOTH white noise and dark noise to be somewhat responsible for some loss of our ability to see and hear more accurately. It would go like this: When I engaged the New Birth, I was awakened and given spiritual capacity to “know the Shepherd’s Voice”. Growth and accuracy in that skill, both to see and to hear, is increasingly valuable and necessary! Care not to damage our capacity to hear or see seems obvious.

One of my close friends, preparing for an extended auto trip, piled in the worship tapes. When they got on the road, the Lord spoke in a rather strong voice “put the spiritual music away. I want to talk to you.” We are required to provide the silence, the opportunity, the receptivity and openness for Him to speak to us. It is, after all, a romance.

When our Bridegroom speaks, it is not white noise! My point, lest I miss direct communication, sounds like this: it may be that white noise is more injurious to us than the dark. We are usually more on guard when the dark noise begins.

Hopefully, this letter may serve as prophetic for many of us. Your personal freedom is most valuable. Never would I put on you a false burden or human restriction. However, the theme of this letter is the ability to see and hear more clearly and more accurately. My prayer is to encourage you to become more selective and more disciplined regarding who, how much, when, and why we are engaged in so much white noise.

Bob Mumford

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