Warm greetings to each of you. May the Lord Jesus embrace, comfort, strengthen, and protect you and yours. You are the very intent of His original design and the purpose of His salvation. Christ had you in mind all along, even before the foundation of the world. He will settle for nothing less than your reconciliation with the Father and as the scriptures declare—we are indeed His inheritance. It is with these thoughts burning in our hearts that we labor. Raleigh, North Carolina was the scene of vigorous debate, prayerful consideration, and much activity during the month of June 2018. The Lord’s presence and purpose was palpable, often leaving us overwhelmed and in a state of inexpressible awe. We were able to capture on film, a series of very practical and personal messages on the nature and content of a Kingdom Value System for everyday living. Whether you are 8 or 108 years old, these pieces of applied wisdom will serve you well. We hope to make them available as online videos, DVD’s and Facebook messages in the coming months.

In addition to these videos, our latest Plumbline, now getting ready for printing, captures the startling beauty of Philippians in a way that many may not have ever encountered. We hope that it will cultivate in you a renewed sense of purpose, hope, and courage. While it is true that none of us are immune or exempt from the unpredictable challenges of life, we continue to conduct our lives in the powerful persuasion that nothing above or below can separate us from the Love of Christ. This is the treasure we carry in earthen vessels and our testimony to a hurting world. Thanks to your support, prayers and love, our messages of encouragement have now reached well over 100,000 people on social media in recent months. Every month we receive letters from believers throughout America and countries across the world. Many of these are expressions of gratitude for Bob’s consistency in ministry over so many decades; others simply to let us know how a single phrase or idea we shared had helped them to manage a difficult situation.

We thank you with all our hearts for your continued support in prayer and donations. Please know that we continue do our utmost to steward your contributions toward Lifechangers’ mission with a Kingdom value system.


Pieter Van Niekerk
Lifechangers’ Board Chairman

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