How I love the beautiful month of May. Spring has sprung.

May 12, is Judith and my 62 wedding anniversary. I am eager to say that both Judith and I are in good health for our age, rejoicing in God’s faithfulness, and authentically see ourselves as increasingly fruitful!

There is a fresh, exciting, and massive Kingdom purpose forming in the earth. It feels like some unusually sized wave. This wave is now being felt and its Kingdom impact beginning to be experienced. There are also an increasing amount of significant dangers that are forming, signaling their impending message of confusion and conflict. Their intention is an increase in the amount and degree of spiritual darkness. For all of us who seek to give guidance and direction to others, it is surely a complex and increasingly challenging time.

As I prepared to write this letter, I sensed the Lord saying to me: “You will be unable to control the events of the future. You can, if you will, be more fully prepared to encounter and embrace events as they present themselves.” This rather direct phrase has been embraced by Judith and me. We are seeking to walk on the Agape Road more circumspectly. We are open for the Lord to identify areas in which we may be calloused or more casual.

My sense was that I may have become somewhat presumptuous, feeling that my years of experience and my faith walk could control the events that occur in my own sphere. Our choice is to attempt to hear Him, particularly in this present season. We all see the Lord do remarkable and miraculous things to protect and preserve us. Now, I am hearing Him say: “Use the present time carefully to prepare your life with precision.” Paul states it quite dramatically: “After you have done all, Stand!” (Eph. 6:3).

As an experienced, fruitful, and blessed ministry, our prayer is that we will be able to hear Him in this present season, identifying and walking with you in the midst of change and that you would be eager to do the same in mutual love and concern.


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