We take the content of these monthly letters quite seriously. As most of our readers know, our original call and purpose was not missions, evangelism, or Church growth, but to “feed and care for my people.” Our faithfulness to that primary commission has taken us to an unusual insight that is beginning to take form. The insight is not complicated but continues to open aspects of spiritual growth and Kingdom insight, which we consider to be valuable and supportive. We sense it may be the beginning of a needed sound.

Amazing insights are breaking open into the nature of our journey of discovery. There is an increasing desire to see into the mysteries and insights of the eternal Kingdom. This Kingdom entity has been identified as a treasure in the field, so valuable as to make it logical to sell everything and buy that field (See Matthew 13:44). When you discover the Kingdom as a treasured Pearl, be prepared to embrace the skill of learning to trade the pearl you have discovered, for the one presently being offered (See Matthew 13:45-46). This, we have identified as Pearl-trading. Such is the essence of this short and insightful piece of prose:

If you are searching,
You must not stop until you find.
When you find, however,
You will become troubled.
Your confusion will give way to wonder.
In wonder, you will reign over all things.
Your sovereignty will be your rest.
Lynn Baumann

The aspect of biblical truth that seems to be asking or demanding for us to more carefully examine and understand is that of the nature and function of our identity in Christ. The Lord has given me 30 or 40 pages of notes, as it continually opens. Do I—do we—have the tenacity and motivation that is described in the prose necessary for us to press this idea and “seek to find it,” even if it is troubling?

A simple introduction to identity would look like this: The new birth is, essentially, the Lord Jesus giving us a new identity by our having been born from above. This new birth comes in the form of an eternal, incorruptible Seed. (1 Pet. 1:23)

Protection, cultivation placing increased value on that Eternal Seed, produces a fresh and new identity, i.e., for me to live is Christ. Wow! The new birth is all that He has
promised. I have been given a mysterious gift, one that has not been clearly explained to me. Father God has enabled us to “begin again.” A totally new and incorruptible life, identified as redeemed innocence.

In the parable of the Sower (see Matthew 13:3-9), Christ speaks of the dangers and rewards of how and in what manner our new identity can be brought to maturity. A strong identity can and will say: “For me to live is Christ.” A weakened or compromised identity reveals itself as double-minded and uncertain.

It is possible to trade our identity for something of less value. We also know that we can neglect our new identity until it lacks moisture, crowded by weeds and rocks. Our new identity can, let it be known, be stolen by the birds! Not crows, mind you, but by beautiful, yellow canaries that have imprisoned more than one Godly identity.

Discovering the nature of our spiritual journey, understanding the necessity of recovering human responsibility, wrestling with the concept of defending, cultivating, and nourishing of our new identity has been complex and very costly.

Will you consider the three following actions?

1. Take the prose given above concerning our search, remove it or copy it from the letter and paste it on your bathroom mirror. This will strengthen your ability to take more human responsibility.
2. Help us keep the integrity of this “spiritual kitchen” open and functioning. If this content actually helps feed and strengthen you, take action and responsibility to help us make it available to others that may be equally eager to know and understand.
3. My intent is to cultivate and expand this idea of spiritual identity. Will you attempt to walk with us in this journey? Can you help with your responses and serious questions (email to lc@lifechangers.org)? No tricks or manipulation. We are beginning to think this may be God’s time for such a clear sound to be provided for all of us who are serious searchers!

Bob Mumford

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