Learning the nature and reality of coincidence encourages us to become increasingly aware of the Love and personal care of God. I had a wonderful letter for this month almost completed and ready to go. Coincidently, I was unable find it anywhere! Allow me to use this present happening to discuss the nature of coincidence as we are learning how to please God as our Father.

            The letter I had already prepared was deep and meaningful, opening the nature and necessity of pure motivation. Motive, as I was attempting to present it, seemed so important. Now, that letter has disappeared! Question: Was it warfare? No. Is it Bob’s carelessness? You are getting warm. Is coincidence possibly something we should look at more carefully? Right On!

            The joy of being able to talk about coincidences with you is very rewarding for Judith and me. Coincidence is an aspect of walking in the Spirit. We have learned to expect it and are now learning to depend upon it in some way. The numerous years of walking with the Lord in this sphere of Christ’s invisible government, has allowed us to begin to see and experience the sheer joy of good things happening. The reverse seems equally true. We can embrace negative things that happen, such as the flat tire that occurs at the most complicated and unwelcome time. Potentially, I say to the Lord, “Are you sure I needed that?” I am opening to you my very personal responses to things that seem to be happenstance. Coincidence is important in the life of one who is learning to please God as our Father.

            Here is how this appears to work for us after so many years. If your heart responds to this, begin to try it. Observe both the rewards and the fulfillment.

            God’s humility is almost too deep to be comprehended. His humility is so real and passionate that He actually prefers to remain unseen. On some occasions, He allows us to see it was His Fatherhood and love that permitted the incident, whether positive or negative. When He chooses to reveal Himself, it is identified as a sign that the Kingdom has come near to us!

            Our sensitivity to the skill of Father-consciousness will allow us to see with spiritual eyes how coincidence is designed to affect our lives, reveal us to us, and even alter the manner in which we respond or behave. All the more important that we learn to identify and respond to these unseen Kingdom happenings that try to sneak up on us without our being becoming aware.

            Some years ago, a mother of three, exhausted and distraught, said to the Lord: “Couldn’t you arrange for me to have a few days off somewhere. By the way, somewhere is a place they would cook for me!” As her pastor, I visited her in the hospital when she had her appendix out. She was wrestling with the idea of God not having healed her. Quietly, the Lord reminded her of her prayer: rest, with people caring and cooking for you! Both of us were filled with Joy. Judith and I eagerly embraced her lesson as our very own!

            In our own childlikeness, both Judith and I have chosen to live like this.  Not in childishness, but like a child. It goes something like: Father, I know You. I did not ask or expect this, and it shows up on my doorstep in some unusual or unexpected manner. Father-God, I am so very grateful and want You to know that I can see your love now being expressed in an exceedingly personal manner. I know Who did this and am now learning why!

 Our recognition and affection identified and expressed, begins to open that door upon which He has been knocking. “If we would open it, we would be able to embrace, eat and fellowship together.” Learning to embrace coincidence, is His Invitation to fellowship with the Father and His Son!



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