May I ask for you to engage this month’s letter with an increased sense of purpose and intentionality? It has taken courage for me to engage this theme and endeavor to make it applicable for our Lifechangers family. We deeply care and seek to identify the issues. Life is hard and promises to come become increasingly complicated. We must be able to discern, to see and understand what is happening. Protecting ourselves from ‘mental injury’ seems complicated and unwieldy.

October is the month for “The World Conference on Mental Health”. On my phone are several blogs concerning Mental Health. I can only give you the actual titles. Each of them speaks of increased prevalence:

“50% of Millennials departed employment over mental health issues”

“Ruby Rose opens up about her depression; past suicide attempts”

“I lost my job due to mental health issues; I am not the only one”

We are all aware of the increase of mental health deterioration occurring in every sphere of life, none excluded. My personal view is that, we are, as a nation and as a civilization increasingly caught in a series of events that appears to be progressively unmanageable and treacherous.

Increasingly, the culture of death is being presented as the norm. The culture of life dismissed and ridiculed by a society that has broken loose from its foundations, has resulted in irresponsible and reckless ‘diagnostic labels’. Drugs, legal and illegal, attempt to alter behavior, increasingly seen as an answer. Loss of identity is tragic.

Allow me to be somewhat procedural in what I am wanting to explain. Not seeking to be ‘therapeutic’ but wanting to engage what could be protection, preparation and things we could do now to be more equipped to engage the emotional and mental ‘darkness’ that seeks to gain entrance to our mind’ without our knowledge or spiritual awareness.

    1. The serious battle is in the mind. Used some 49 times in Greek, the reasoning process, the ability to ‘put on the Mind of Christ’ appears repeatedly. I have resisted doing a ‘bible study’. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind should sound an alarm for us to ‘place our affection (Greek: intellect, thinking, value system) on ‘things above’, not on the ‘things on the earth’. Col. 3:2. This is, in biblical language, becomes our responsibility!
    2. Consider the serious possibility of ‘gaining the Mind of Christ’ as a vital aspect, perhaps summarizing the entire redemptive act of Christ! The ‘fallen mindset’ has caused uncontrolled and invasive negative thinking. We must reconsider J. B. Phillips translation of 1 Cor 2:16: “However amazing it may sound we have the mind of Christ”!
    3. It does not seem possible for us to gain anything more efficient or workable to transcend ‘mental or emotional disease’ than our having purposefully engaged the Person of Christ, consciously asking Him to impart His very own thinking process to us. I do need to say that ‘reading more scripture’, while valuable, does not necessarily cause the Mind of Christ to be increasingly present within our own thinking process!
    4. Learning to please God the Father, repeated some 14x, rather than expending all time, energy and planning in learning to ‘please myself’ seems to be one of the more workable aspects of gaining the Mind of Christ. Listen to Paul: “Walking worthy of the Lord to all pleasing, in every good work being fruitful, and increasing in the knowledge of God”. (Col 1:10)


Bob Mumford

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