Some of you may be familiar with the “prepper” movements. These are people “prepping” (preparing) for the possible breakdown of society and its supporting infrastructures. The foremost priorities are stored food and water; adequate medical supplies; self-defense; the ability to live without the power grid; and other survival skills.

I would like to suggest that we become spiritual “preppers.” When we are thrown into conflicts that seem overwhelming, we will need to be prepared not only to survive, but to move forward as mature, faithful sons and daughters. Warfare and confusion increase in our nation daily. We must be ready when the upheaval of darkness and corruption touches us. I am asking you hear what I consider to be essential issues. Father God does not always protect us from the events of life. He does promise to sustain and lead us through those events.

You may consider keeping this month’s letter for future reference. Here are seven critical protections to put with your “prepper provisions”.

  1. Recognize that all spiritual conflict, global and personal, is in Father’s ultimate control. The turmoil of a corrupting society directly impacts all of us. Diligently and purposefully rest in His sovereignty.
  2. Remember that we were not drafted to fight these battles. Rather, we have been personally invited to participate with Him in the conflict. However, whether we choose to participate or not, we are still in the combat zone.
  3. When seemingly challenged beyond human capacity—embrace mystery. Father’s providential care may not always make sense to us. Reject blaming, complaining, murmuring, doubt, or secret mistrust. Father knows how to manage the Universe.
  4. Refuse to allow yourself to be offended or stumbled on your journey of faith by unexpected events or unpredictable people. It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come. When we stumble, we cease moving, blind-sided by the present issues. Warfare strategy takes advantage of surprise and exploits human weakness. Be watchful, the enemy knows which “buttons” he can push.
  5. Recognize the magnetic lure of dark voices. These voices (which often sound like our own) appeal to our weakness, failures, fear, and shame. When dark voices speak, they most often appeal to past injuries or future fears.  Test the spirits—is this God speaking? Refuse, reject, and refocus.
  6. Be aware of spiritual depletion and exhaustion. When we try to correct the past, manipulate the present, or control the future, our religious exertions often lead to spiritual depletion. We just run out of gas. In this state we may be tempted to cast off Christ’s yoke. Cultivate endurance by resting in Father’s resolve to do you good.
  7. Embrace all unexpected events and happenings with this spiritual reality: In water baptism we embraced death and resurrection. This is the universal principle of transformation and maturity. Freedom from issues we cannot control requires self-emptying of personal sovereignty.

            At Lifechangers, we are committed to sharing our sense of the Lord’s purpose in this season and assisting you to continue to stand in the grace of God. I leave you with Christ’s admonition:

So, whatever you do, don’t go to sleep at the switch. Pray constantly that you will have the strength and wits to make it through everything that’s coming and end up on your feet before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36, The Message).


Bob Mumford

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