This letter is a direct result of an encounter with the Lord, very early in September 1955. I was a young man, waiting for breakfast to be served at the bible college. Without warning, the Living God swept over me in a manner that was new and surprising! A physically conscious presence of the Holy Spirit brushed over my person. An impression, like a voice said: “Feed my Sheep. You are called to feed and care.” That influence was literally written on my heart.

We have already entered the 500-year transformation. Luther’s began in Oct. 1517. Ours will be in full swing in Oct. 2017, taking us into 2018. Our future will, I promise, be far more intense and demanding than that for which we are presently prepared. The following categories are not “doom and gloom,” they are an attempt to be faithful and true to each one of you as God’s own responsibility. I do ask that you “take heed how you hear.” Consider each one as being progressive.

1. Awaken from our sleep. Mat 25:5 (NASB)—“Now while the bridegroom was delaying, they all got drowsy and began to sleep.”
A. 90% of believers are walking in our sleep; 85% do not welcome anyone trying to wake them up. The success rate of being able to wake anyone up is most depressing. The sleeping pill is success, prosperity and remaining undisturbed, disallowing us to awaken and respond.
B. Normalcy bias, signifying it has always been this way is paralyzing us, myself included. I, too, am exerting personal effort to do what we are describing.

2. Dangerously de-centered. Jesus carefully instructed us that His Kingdom is the solitary true center: Seek Kingdom first and all other things will be added. As a nation and as a Church, we are de-centered, impressively and dangerously de-centered!
A. Our founding fathers proceeded to form the American government on a strong governing factor directly from the Kingdom concepts laid down in Scripture. The book entitled: The 5000 Year Experiment reveals the wisdom of discarding Europe’s corruption creating a fresh start.
B. As a result of the 500-year transformation, we are losing that inheritance and its protection. We are, as a nation, moving into chaos. Faith is required to abide.

3. Loss of the Rule of Law. Whatever your political view, strength of conviction, and passion for its implementation, Americans always, ultimately upheld the rule of law.
A. This rule of law is now being lost—damaged and ridiculed by virtually every voice in Washington, Congress and officialdom, social media and Hollywood.
B. We are not prepared, as a nation or as a people, to live in anarchy. “Every man did that which was right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25). Anarchy is always progressive and dark.

4. Near total ignorance of the Mystery of God. Rev. 10:7—“but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then the mystery of God is finished, as He preached to His servants and prophets.”

The Mystery of God (used 28 times begins in Daniel) is most important for us to consider. Isaiah tells us that God “hides Himself” (Isiah 45:15). What He does and how He acts is secretive for an intentional purpose. An attempt to state that purpose is not easy. Mystery signifies something like: “How and in what manner God the Father intends to turn over all the kingdoms (Plural) of the world to His Christ whose Kingdom (Singular) was mysteriously hidden in the Person of Christ.
A. Lifechangers has labored to provide a foretaste into the mystery which is destined to be finished. Surely, this is one reason that Jesus asked us to center on that Kingdom which is foremost in Father’s Heart, serving as the very center of all that Jesus came to proclaim.
B. Would you also consider the prospect that our own nation may be included in this transformation? Is it probable that the USA is destined to be included in the Chaos, disruption and re-alignment of the nations of the world described in 1 Cor. 15: 24-28?

Summary: These categories are progressive and determinative. Words like ineffable, inexorable and Cosmos are included and necessary because of the mystery. We do not profess to be fully accurate and/or knowledgeable. We do say we must, for the Kingdom’s sake, understand and begin to respond to these issues! In order to introduce you to Kingdom mystery, I would like for you to copy and paste this link to a video on YouTube: It will fascinate you, I am sure. It serves to show the Kingdom ‘mystery’ as essentially controlling all things. As Father changes the ‘sound’; all creation responds to His Will and purpose!

Bob Mumford

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