Each month in these letters, my desire is to impart the freshness of what the Lord is presently doing. Hopefully they bring a living word that feeds your spirits. For several months Father has opened the concept of honor to me. I was in a tender place with Him while experiencing a period of physical weakness. Deep in the book of Malachi, I was struck by the Lord’s statement that Israel had “despised” Him.

            As I read His statement, “if I am a Father, where is my honor?” (Malachi 1:6-7), it struck me forcibly that God was actually asking for something—honor! With a childlike impulse, I said to myself and God, “You are God. You do not and cannot need anything.”  To my delight the Lord responded to me as that child saying, “If you will teach my people to give honor, I will respond.”

            In a very real and mysterious manner, he activated His promise. I have been seeking to intentionally give honor wherever it is due. In several instances His presence has given evidence of the earnestness of His promise.

            The act of honoring generally releases favor and grace from the one honored. It is a principle built into the dynamics of spiritual and human relationships.  In the scriptures, honor is seen as an Agape action that knits the fabric of the church and society together.

             Honor is reciprocal. “Those who honor Me I will honor” (1 Samuel 2:30). We are not seeking to control Father but rather give Him His “Father’s honor,” which releases His honor toward us. He is able to honor us with the fulness of His person!

             Honor is used 50 times in the New Testament. Please note the importance of how honor unfolds in scripture:

  1. Failure to honor God is the first step away from His favor (Romans 1:21).
  2. We are told to give honor to all people and to the King (1 Peter 2:17).
  3. We are to prefer one another with honor (Romans 12:10).
  4. Failure to honor properly can limit the power of God (Matthew 13:57-58).
  5. Illegally seeking honor may result in humiliation (Luke 14:8).
  6. If we honor the vessel, we honor the one who sent him or her (John 5:23).
  7. As we serve Christ, the Father will honor us (John 12:26).
  8. Know how to keep your own person in honor (Thessalonians 4:4).
  9. No one takes honor to himself or herself (Hebrews 5:4)
  10. Show your wife honor as fellow heir (1 Peter 3:7)
  11. In Revelation six times glory and honor are given to Christ.
  12. The nations will bring their honor to Christ (Revelation 21:26).

              I am eager to impart a fresh sense of honor to each of you.  As our friends, we at Lifechangers impart to you, your family, business and relationships Father’s honor. Take time and meditate on these things and you will discover new vistas in the richness of the Kingdom. Receive what He promises from this letter.

Bob Mumford


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