Some weeks ago, I was praying to the Lord to work in my life, particularly in the realm of stewardship in Father’s House and inevitably I was tested right after I returned from a recent visit to the USA. However, it wasn’t exactly the way I expected.

Jennifer, who works with us in Father’s House, had decided on her own accord to wash my sheep skin rug!  Much to my dismay, I found it shrunk and misshapen! I flipped out, speaking angrily as to why she would do such a thing without asking me? I had not washed it before, so it had a neutral and natural look, and why would she feel it needed cleaning?!  The look on her face immediately showed she did not purposefully mean to ruin my rug, rather it was her way of trying to clean something she thought looked dirty in preparation for my return.

Soon after, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “You are not stewarding your relationship with Jennifer the way I would prefer… is the rug more important than her feelings?”  I quickly went and apologized to Jennifer, noting that I appreciated her desire to clean my room and that she didn’t do anything malicious.  She forgave me, and our relationship can move forward securely. The following day, I returned from town to find our old, natural wooden statues which were hand-carved by our Polish friend, had been newly painted with shiny black heads!!  I was stunned and yelled, “Who painted my statues?”  Steven had been re-painting our window panes black, and thought to touch up the heads of the statues.  Having no idea of the desired natural, weathered look I like, he felt he was helping and didn’t think to ask me if I wanted them re-painted, as it seemed they were originally painted black. I freaked out, almost calling him “stupid” for thinking such and how dare he touch my art work without asking!  Again the conviction of the Holy Spirit hit me as I walked inside, “Why are you degrading Steven, when in his mind he was trying to help? Why are you treating him with such disrespect, this is not how you steward the relationships of my co-workers in Father’s House.”

I went to my room and cried, knowing I had a problem. Both Jennifer and Steven are our co-workers, and serve faithfully and are hard working. They are assets to the stewardship of Father’s House. Yet, I was careless and thoughtless in how I was stewarding them relationally.  Father God is teaching me a clear lesson, and answering my prayer; may He continue to teach me His values of stewardship.

Father’s House is about people, not about things!


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