Relational Upgrade

A Relational Upgrade

In the redemptive process, God invites us into His space and as we mature in the Kingdom we invite Him into our space. This is the process of knowing God and God knowing us. Fellowshipping with the Trinity, we receive the Kingdom offer of knowing the Fatherhood of God.

When God enters your space, He asks you to yield your personal sovereignty. Personal sovereignty is an amazing strength, and can be more than a small impediment in knowing Father, Son, and Spirit. In crisis we are invited to run to Him and in doing so, we receive what Bob terms a “relational upgrade.” This relational upgrade is yielding personal sovereignty to God as Father.

Opening yourself to the Lord is more than repeated forgiveness. The repeated forgiveness alone does not yield the relational upgrade we are each searching for nor does it produce maturity. Ask the Lord for the strength to yield your personal sovereignty in greater measures as you make this Kingdom journey.

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Date July 3, 2018
Author Bob Mumford