Alchofluence of Incohol

Who’s driving? You or the substance?

Bob uses alcohol as a tool to speak to anything in life we give license to control us. In the case of alcohol, your whole world can be absorbed by a substance.

We give ourselves license or permission to violate our ability to make decisions from a sober reference point. The Lord would have us walk with Him without undue influence from external pressures or substances.

Would you say to the Lord that you will withdraw license that you have issued to yourself and take responsibility for your life and the choices you make? When the Lord takes a license from you that you have volitionally yielded, you have started on your journey in increased freedom. Surrendering your license doesn’t mean that the conflict immediately ceases, but you are headed in the right direction.

We pray that you will receive encouragement from this insight into license and walk with the Lord in new levels of freedom

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Date September 21, 2018
Author Bob Mumford