Breaking the Power of Corruption

Corruption is contagious. It is a first cause. It seeks to gain entrance at any portal in order to destroy the vessel in which the eternal Seed of Agape has been inseminated— you and me. It functions in society as the default and can increase until it threatens the literal survival of our entire civilization. The source of corruption is the false father of the lie, and the cause of corruption is wanting to please or obey this false father.

The temptation in the wilderness was an attempt to corrupt the Son of God in the same three ways we are tempted: possess, acquire, and control. In Christ we become progressively less corruptible and less temptable, not out of human effort or legalism but as the result of the cultivation of the eternal Seed. In Ephesians Paul tells us that it is possible to live without the defect of corruption and to love Jesus with an incorruptible love. Living without corruption is the freedom for which Christ set us free!

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Date February 12, 2016
Author Bob Mumford