Christ In Session

“You can’t build a tree—you have to grow one.”

This simple statement was made in a discussion regarding the nature of the Church. It reverberated through the halls of my soul long after it has been expressed.

Like a tree, the Body of Christ—by its very nature—cannot be built, fabricated, or in fact, organized. It is an organism, born in fellowship.

There has been so much literature published which pertains to the Church and its related subjects that I hesitate to write lest I add confusion and not to understanding. However, this Plumbline, written for the average believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, presents one image of many—Christ In Session—hoping to introduce you to a concept and understanding that will affect your daily life.

The need to functionally comprehend the Body of Christ is critical. Spiritual realities are being demanded of the Christian faith which she must be able to produce or she will be relegated to “just another philosophy.” The cry which I hear everywhere in this computerized day is the cry to belong!

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Date August 25, 2015
Author Bob Mumford