Circle of Friendship

Within the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit there is a circle of friendship, and we are being invited into it. When Jesus started His journey with the disciples, one of His goals was friendship—He wanted to reveal Father’s secrets to them. Real friendship involves trust and intimacy, not over-familiarity.

In this Plumbline, Bob gives us four ingredients common to friendship and shows us the importance of relationships being reciprocal. God is calling us into a true friendship with Himself and with others. We must accept each other just like we are and choose to surrender self-protection and control. When we center our whole being on pleasing the Father, it radically affects our ethical and moral behavior. A vital aspect of our circle of friendship with God is waiting on Him; by it we exchange our weakness for His strength. After a while, we come to a place where the poise of our soul is toward the Lord, and we can enjoy Father’s presence.

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Date January 22, 2016
Author Bob Mumford