Come Think

Come Think with Me

Aligning ourselves to think with the Lord is a journey and a skill. How do we align with something other than our own personal preferences and choices? This process occurs through repentance which is the Greek word metanoia. The Lord inviting His people to reason with Him in Isaiah 1 is quite the invitation and will truly change our thinking if we continually embrace His ways.

If we begin the process of thinking with the Lord, we start to see that we are missing it more than we had any idea. We need His Kingdom lens to see and His heart so we are able to consider life outside of our own stubbornness.

As our minds are renewed with His reality, we become partakers in the Oneness that Father, Son, and Spirit have always shared. This allows us as His body to walk in the John 17 reality of being one like Father, Son, and Spirit are One.

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Date October 22, 2018
Author Bob Mumford