Conscience & Confidence

In the Old Testament, a person would come to Jerusalem once a year with his bull to present the animal to the priest. The priest would transfer all the man’s sins to the animal by laying hands on it, and then the bull was slain and offered to God for atonement. After the sacrifice, the person could enjoy a clear conscience for an entire year. If he had any problems with his conscience, all he would have to do is say, “Remember the bull!” Today, most believers ask forgiveness for their sins but don’t have a free conscience from the pew to the parking lot. Christ, Who was both Priest and Man in one Person, became the sacrificial Lamb. Jesus came to do the Father’s will; He changed the Old Testament law of animal sacrifice by dying on our behalf. That one sacrifice was enough to perfect our conscience forever. When our conscience is condemning us, we can now say, “Remember the Lamb!”

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Date July 20, 2015
Author Bob Mumford