eat the roll

Eat the Roll

Discovering that I really am human has produced some added insight. Only a real human could switch the major illustration of the lesson and present it backwards! As we thought this through, we decided to leave the video up and allow the error to serve us all. Missing it does, after all, function as some kind of memory device. “Do you remember when Bob got the illustration backwards…”? This may allow us all not to miss the central point: Always seeking to escape or refusing to embrace ‘what is’ causes us to remain spiritually childish”!

If you eat the “roll” offered you, it often is bitter in your mouth and sweet in your belly. Life sometimes hands us bitter events that we don’t initially want to eat and take into our lives. Bob uses an illustration from Ezekiel’s life to share insight into the necessity of accepting these events into our lives.

Are you going to fight life? Are you going to refuse everything that enters your world? Are you going to live in anger and refuse negative events along life’s journey? If you are able and willing to yield, adapt, and “eat the roll,” the lessons and adjustments start to emerge in life.

The bitter lessons facilitating these adjustments begin to turn to sweetness and we become people enjoyable to be around and carrying something of Jesus in the earth. This process allows for others to partake of Jesus in and through our lives.

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Date April 4, 2018
Author Bob Mumford