Ejector seat

Ejector Seat

The Kingdom is a journey that takes a lifetime to walk and explore. Along this journey, we each encounter joys and sorrows, both of which can present themselves in a way that initially appears difficult.

One of these difficult gifts is what Bob defines as the ejector seat. This seat is an immediate removal from a situation and then you “parachute” back to earth. Even with the most thorough preparation in life, these situations and circumstances are unavoidable. Bob suggests that these life events are an expression of Father’s love.

Sometimes during and after these traumatic events, while you are drifting back to earth, you may feel all alone. If you are able to see these events through Father’s love, keeping you on the journey in some steadfast manner, you are able to mature in increasing ways.

Embrace these changes and events and be encouraged that Father Himself will pick you up and give you new direction.

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Date June 26, 2018
Author Bob Mumford