Escape from Christendom

“Escape from Christendom” in a prophetic allegory, first published in 1980. Like “Pilgrim’s Progress,” the allegoric method yields many lessons which we might otherwise miss. It is most difficult, without sounding like “sour grapes” to describe and establish the difference between Christian City and the City of God. It is equally difficult to discern in an unbiased spiritual manner the distinction between religious activity and true spiritual growth. The author, in an uncommon manner, has done this for us.

Destined to find its place among the classics of modern Christian literature, our prayer is that this lesson could be learned and the distinction maintained for the future of our children and grandchildren. As the author so tersely states, “You will become so obsessed with God’s mercy that you will be free, for the first time in your life, of other people’s opinions.”

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Date August 25, 2015
Author Lifechangers