Eyes of your heart

Eyes of Your Heart

Do we need eyes in our heart? Where do we get eyes in our heart? How do we get eyes in our heart? Bob addresses this concept from a position of gratitude because it allows us to see and open our understanding in the spiritual realm.

We all need to see things that are not visible. We need to see ourselves as participants in Father’s inheritance. Bob shares that we are God’s inheritance and He is our inheritance.

In this reciprocal inheritance, we do not know Christ by the flesh, but by the Spirit. We need eyes of the heart to see Him as the Son of God and His redemptive act for all of humanity. It gives us confidence to sell all and buy the field and to trade pearls when we have the opportunity.

Ask the Father to participate with Him as you explore this Kingdom inheritance through eyes of your heart. This inheritance calls us out of ourselves into Him and it is a life-long adventure.

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Date July 10, 2018
Author Bob Mumford