Feed My Sheep

60 Years in Ministry

1954 to 2014 marks 60 years in active ministry for Bob Mumford. His story began in the Navy in a little four-bed sick bay on the USS Aludra when he began to embrace the call to teach. Feeding God’s people in every nation has been his life-long commission. This story chronicles Bob’s journey from meeting Christ through his Navy experience, Bible College, Charismatic Renewal, and the Covenant Movement. He shares what he has learned in following Jesus all these years. God, as a heavenly Father, set His choice on a small street kid from the other side of the tracks, moving him towards his destiny we know as THAT. If He can do it with a street kid, He can do it with you and with those whom you are seeking to share the Good News of the Kingdom. Maturity in the body of Christ depends on each of us discovering and being loyal to the process of moving towards our destiny. May we not tire and become weary of the journey; His purpose and intent is more than worthy of our uninterrupted abiding.

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Date January 11, 2016
Author Bob Mumford