Five Unusual Answers

Five Unusual Answers

Prompted by an experience Bob had in university course work, he shares an insight into following Christ and that journey revealing who we are as His creation and what we are to be about in the earth.

These five responses to life are overlooked at an increasing pace in our world culture, and it makes us miss Agape which is the support and framework for the Body of Christ. Agape, at its essence, is the source of our freedom to know Christ and others.

These responses include:

-Embrace the Agape of God.

-Be continually free from relational debt. Intentionally release those that have wronged you. Refusal to forgive holds you prisoner.

-Character – The Body of Christ has lost much of its character. Character is an expression of freedom.

-If you have character you are able to do other people good. Christ is forming His character in us.

-The necessity of surrounding yourself with free people to make a life journey with.

Seek the source of Agape so you can step into freedom. The Truth of Christ will set you free. This freedom is for the now, not some future time only!

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Date October 25, 2017
Author Bob Mumford