Freedom from the Prison

Freedom From The Prison

Are you in a prison with no walls and held captive by things that you are unaware?

Bob shares some insight from the time Jesus engaged those in the synagogue with the idea that they could be held captive and be unaware of the need for deliverance. Without accusation, it becomes very real that religion can do strange things to people.
It is for freedom that Christ set us free! Freedom in our mind, spirit, heart….. a comprehensive freedom!

As we walk in this freedom that Christ has given, we see that religion may not take us to the Father, nor will secular philosophy lead to into Truth – but only the third choice of the Agape Road!

We need God to open our eyes to this third choice of the Kingdom so we can know the Truth and in turn be set free!

Go – and walk in your freedom and share with others this new life as you make your journey.

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Date July 18, 2017
Author Bob Mumford