Out of Nest

Getting Out of the Nest

Bob shares the journey of a baby owl learning to fly and the struggles it faces to mature into its intended purpose as an adult owl. Thinking new and acting old is a struggle each of us face as we navigate life’s challenges and those old thought processes will prevent us from growing up.

Preparing the way for the Lord is an essential part of our maturing process and an active demonstration of thinking new. Making straight His path is a reciprocal act of stewardship out of our affections for Father, Son, and Spirit. This begins in small ways and grows as we yield to Christ in our lives.

Realizing we cannot control life is another part of our maturing process and helps us prepare ourselves for the things that come our way. As we mature in Christ, we become more secure in who we are in the Father. As Christ increases in our lives, we are challenged about the reality that we really do like to go our own way. It is crucial that we receive His correction and make Him our Way! This is an exciting journey and we too, like the owl, will make it out of the nest and fly.

For more on the theme of becoming human as God intended, please refer to Lifechangers’ Plumbline: https://lifechangers.org/teachings/human-as-god-intended/

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Date May 9, 2018
Author Bob Mumford