God Magnified, Part 1

Discovering the "Us" in Oneness

This two-part Plumbline—God Magnified—is an introductory primer to a comprehensive biblical theology entitled The Fusion of the Trinity, which the Lord is presently cultivating and actively proclaiming through me. A book will later be released to develop our understanding of the mirror between natural and spiritual fusion in more detail.

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“O magnify the Lord with me!” (Ps 34:3). One effective way to closely examine, investigate, and worth-ship God is to meditate on what the Scriptures specifically testify that “God is.” These declarative definitions of God, which equate Him to certain things, are quite rare in the Scriptures and therefore priceless in the “true knowledge of Him.” As the Holy Spirit opens the “God is” statements of the Bible to us, we discover a progressive magnification—each one becoming a lens to see and understand the next, yielding an awesome, holistic, panoramic vision that leads us deeper into the true and living God. Exposure to “the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ” (2Cor 4:6) yields a Life-giving photosynthesis designed to effectively regenerate us into the image and likeness of our Creator.


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Date September 7, 2015
Author Eric Mumford