God Magnified, Part 6

Appraising the Most High
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“O magnify the Lord with me!” (Ps. 34:3). One effective way to closely examine and worth-ship God is to meditate on what the Scriptures specifically testify that “God is.” As the Holy Spirit progressively opens the God is statements of the Bible to us, we discover the fusion of the Trinity. In this sixth volume, we will continue investigating “God is true” (John 3:33) to discover why Father, Son, and Spirit, together, are “the Most High God” (Ps. 78:35; Heb. 7:1). The Scriptures consistently use economic terms to describe how these three Eternals add to and exalt One Another by sacrificial Self-giving. The economy of the kingdom functions by giving and receiving in order to give again, which yields superabundant bounty. When we “exchanged the truth of God for the lie” (Romans 1:25), we fell out of the abundant life of the Most High and bought into the corrupt economy of the world that operates by buying and selling one another for selfindulgence, which precipitates famine.


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Date January 6, 2016
Author Eric Mumford