God’s Last Name

God’s Last Name

Harold Nobody? Who knew that was God’s name?

Bob shares a story from an older western movie about a cowboy needing to get out of the gun fighting business. Fortunately there is a character named “Nobody” that is the fastest draw in the west! Nobody is faster on the draw! ……. Nobody can tell me what to do!

Part of the mystery of the Kingdom is God’s patience toward our trying to outdraw Him in life circumstances—our resistance and self-will make us believe we can out think Him and out plan Him which leads to the necessity of death-to-self and a new creation in Christ!

Nobody can tell you what to do and God’s last name is Nobody.

God wants to tell us how to live this life because He is committed to our personal freedom!

Nobody wants to tell you what to do!

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Date October 16, 2017
Author Bob Mumford