I AM ness

I AM ness

Understanding Christ’s “I AM” statements gives insight into Who Christ is and how He relates to Father and Spirit. During Christ’s time on the earth, He made 7 “I AM” statements, each conveying something of His nature.

I AM the Bread
I AM the Way, Truth and Life
I AM the Door
I AM the Good Shepherd
I AM the True Vine
I AM the Resurrection and Life
I AM the Light of the World

Bob encourages us not to miss that we are now the Light of the World since Christ has ascended. Expressing the light of Christ in the world is what Bob calls “I AM ness.” When God enters His own story through the incarnation, we have opportunity to know Him, become human as He intended, and express Christ in the earth.

Knowing Father, Son, and Spirit and becoming human as God intended exemplified by Christ as the Pattern Son, is an invitation to walk in all we were created to be. I AM ness is an expression of our humanity as we are conformed to the person of Christ. What an incredible invitation and journey to make!

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Date June 26, 2018
Author Bob Mumford