I want that

I Want That

In this video Bob wants to impart to each of us some principles that will help us hold steady as we journey through life.

Worse than failure is to be a success at something that doesn’t matter. No one wants to be a success at something that doesn’t matter and knowing what “that” is informs our life journey in many profound ways.

God calls us for His purpose, not ours! Understanding Christ’s yoke that is easy and light is a paradox to be sure, but it is necessary to know and walk in freedom. Knowing purpose allows us to walk in increasing degrees of freedom. The yoke is what guides us into what God has for us.

Finding and embracing “that” moves us into a space where we see the Lord altering circumstances and situations. If we take His yoke, we are set free. The yoke is like wings for a bird and we begin to understand life in new ways through new lenses. In this place, we find joy, fulfillment, and joy.

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Date September 12, 2018
Author Bob Mumford