Kingdom in the Gospel of Matthew by Frederick Cundick

This is a most important Plumbline. It is designed to prepare us for the future, seeking to root our faith in what was preached in Mark—“The Kingdom of God is at hand” (Mark 1:15). Those of you familiar with the type of material that we seek to present here at Lifechangers will know that my personal search to understand the Kingdom of God and grasp its application for the believer of our day has intensified since 1963.

Many years ago Cundick’s little book on Matthew served as inspiration for me to write The King & You which was recently republished. With practical application, The King & You addresses our character, conduct, and influence in the Kingdom. This writing by Cundick takes us to a deeper theological understanding of the Kingdom. Read with interest and care. This brief message can assist us to step into a realm of spiritual clarity that will serve us well in our Christian journey.

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Date May 22, 2015
Author Lifechangers